Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecotoxicology and Risk Management

Date: December 06 to December 07, 2022

Location: Düsseldorf Germany

Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecotoxicology and Risk Management


  • Update from EFSA: Guidance Document on birds and mammals and the risk assessment of non-target arthropods
  • Industry view on protection goals and birds and mammals as well as the bee guidance
  • Conflicting priorities in risk management of plant protection products
  • A review of environmental protection goals
  • KEMI and ANSES on the lastest developments in the Northern and the Southern Zone
  • Precision farming and environmental pesticide regulation in the EU
  • Modified CRED – Tier 1 study evaluations streamlined

Plant Protection Products (PPPs) are strictly regulated within the European Union and in abroad countries. The risk management and ecotoxicological assessment of PPPs, essential to produce compliant products, poses challenges across the entire pesticide industry.

The ECOTOX Conference brings together representatives from regulatory and industry backgrounds, as well as political decision-makers to discuss the latest regulatory developments. It keeps track of scientific progress, risk assessment methods and any crucial novelties in the ERA of PPPs.

Who do you meet?

Professionals working in the fields of:

  • Ecotoxicology
  • Hazard, exposure and risk assessment
  • Risk management, Field studies, Modelling
  • Regulatory affairs, Registration and authorisation
  • Scientific advisory
  • Technical and environmental affairs, Monitoring

Sectors that should take part:

  • Agrochemical industry
  • Research institutes
  • Environmental consultancies
  • Professional associations
  • Regulatory bodies

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