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LKC was founded in 2001 by Dr. David F. Kane to provide independent registration and development management services in Europe to the international speciality chemicals industry. Today, LKC remains a family run business which is international with global collaborative partners and team members from around the world attracted by an environment of intellectual freedom and scientific challenge.

LKC has its head office near Basel in Switzerland, a safe country with excellent infrastructure. The north-west region of Switzerland is home to many large and small companies specialising in the areas of chemistry and biotechnology.LKC UK Ltd is a separate and wholly-owned legal entity to enable LKC to offer our clients the capability for EU submissions and notifications on their behalf.

LKC is located in the heart of Europe and has people who are multi-lingual, open-minded and with world-wide connections.

Matthew Kane (COO)


LKC has operated as study contractor/monitor since 2001
for over 500 GLP studies worldwide, including all types of study to
US, EU, Japanese and OECD guidelines.

LKC has technical experience with higher tier studies:

  • Ecotoxicology: fish full life cycle studies, bioaccumulation studies,
    mesocosm studies, endocrine effects studies, non-target arthropod (NTA) field studies, bee brood effect studies, NTA recovery studies
  • Toxicology developmental neurotoxicity and immunotoxicity and cancer mechanistic studies ; Expert Statements: IPCS framework analysis for the relevance of a Cancer Mode of Action

LKC conducts environmental modelling and risk assessment for pesticides, biocides and pharmaceuticals. Surface water, groundwater and soil calculations can be performed for registration in Europe or for specific national scenarios. Clients can benefit from interpretation of environmental fate data and derivation of modelling endpoints to current guideline requirements to address their risk assessment challenges.

LKC conducts human risk assessments related to operator, worker, bystander and consumer exposures to chemicals and environmental risk assessments for biocides, agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.

LKC has good relationships with global regulators e.g.



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