Chemical Regulatory Approvals in Europe

Specialist Consultants between You & the European Regulators

To sell your chemical and biochemical products in Europe, you must navigate the EU’s stringent regulatory process. Whether for crop protection, biocides, human or veterinary medicines, achieving compliance to those regulations takes time and effort without specialist guidance.

For a speedier, more efficient way to expand your commercial sales into the EU marketplace, do as major global chemical and pharmaceutical companies have – partner with LKC.

Four Market Sectors, One Regulatory Contract

Being independent, you don’t need to contract multiple third parties. LKC deals with all four regulatory areas – crop protection, biocide, pharmaceutical and industrial chemical – under one contract, saving you time and money.

Our scientific knowledge helps. Knowing that a compound effective against pests needs marketing within biocide and crop protection – two separate regulatory sectors – we deal with both on your behalf. Plus, we will assess your data dossiers and other documentation for accuracy to prevent delays.

Thanks to our strong relationships with regulatory bodies and our consistent attention to detail, your products should easily pass European regulation standards.


Trusted, Reliable Service

Helping many global clients to successfully register and develop their products within the EU, we’ve gained a reputation for professionalism, reliability and a high-quality service. Indeed, our clients value our specialist team’s expertise and support.

Your organisation can benefit from that same support. No need for expensive in-house resources – simply outsource to LKC. Working closely with your team, we get to know you and your business to effectively liaise with the regulators on your behalf, saving you even more time.


LKC Optimises Your Strategic Development in the European Market

Our specialist team of scientists has expertise in:

  • Mammalian toxicology
  • Human health
  • Environmental fate
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Physical and analytical chemistry
  • Metabolic and residue chemistry
  • Radiolabelled chemistry
  • Bio efficacy

Helping to develop your compounds for use within Europe, you can utilise LKC resources for each of your development needs.

LKC will help you to successfully grow in Europe.

Contact us today to discuss how. Email or telephone +41 (0) 61 906 8500.

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