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Achieving Plant Protection Products (PPP) EU Legislation

The process of getting your active substances and products approved within the EU isn’t easy. Directives lead to regulations which in turn are often updated, so you need expert help and insider knowledge to achieve compliance for regulations including (EU) 1272/2008, 1107/2009, 396/2005 and more.

LKC provides that expert help. Crop protection regulations are necessarily strict; therefore, authorisation is stringent. The aim of European legislation is to increase food production without compromising human, animal and environmental health.  We have the flexibility, technical expertise and regulatory strategy know how you need,  to help with submission and the successful authorisation of your crop protection products.

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December 2021 – January 2022

Crop Protection Association grows to become CropLife UK. Find out what else it will cover.

With chemicals in short supply for 2022, producers advised to choose crops accordingly, read on.

For the past 20 years, we’ve built strong relationships with the regulators. So, we can act as your EEA Only Representative to help your compounds gain approval in the EU. Our technical knowledge ensures that your products are manufactured in compliance with regulations to ensure your products safely control pest organisms and protect human and animal health.

Our experience of working with EU regulators as well as the EFSA, ECHA and other organisations allows LKC’s specialists to expertly work alongside your team, throughout the process. We can liaise directly with the regulators on your behalf or advise you on what is required for successful entry and maintained presence in the European agrochemical market.

LKC’s specialist consultancy service includes:

  • Technical expertise and proficient regulatory management to develop the optimum cost-effective route to authorisation
  • Selection, contracting and monitoring of studies compliant with guidelines and national good laboratory practice (GLP), ensuring a high-quality scientific report for submission
  • Coordinate, prepare and submit registration dossiers
  • GLP multi-site residue and operator exposure studies
  • Regulatory toxicology, ecotoxicology and residues experience and knowledge – crucial as the hazard-based classification criteria is always increasing
  • Prospective and definitive Risk Assessments for human and environmental health
  • Act as your EU base for registering global clients’ compounds
  • Electronic submissions using IUCLID and the CADDY software tools, which are continuously improved to follow developments in the evaluation process

To ensure your crop protection active substances and their products achieve approval within the EU, Switzerland and the UK, talk to one of the LKC team today to discuss how we can help your transition into Europe. Email or telephone +41 (0) 61 906 8500.

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