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Agrochemical: Achieving Plant Protection Product registrations under EU Legislation

The European regulatory approvals process for agrochemical active substances and their products is complex, time-consuming and ever-changing. So, when your organisation is struggling with a heavy workload, navigating the approvals process adds an extra burden on your team’s time. Especially if they’re unfamiliar with the product regulation process – just one mistake or omission can add weeks or months to rectify.

However, as an LKC client, you’ll benefit from our technical expertise and regulatory knowledge (Regulation 1107/2009 being a key one), helping your products to be approved faster. We can then assist your entry and maintained presence in the EU’s agrochemical market, aided by our good relations with EU regulators, the EFSA, and other advisory organisations. LKC’s specialists will guide your team throughout the process.

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February 2023 – March 2023

Akademie Fresenius recently hosted the 7th International conference dedicated to Operator Exposure. Read the updated EFSA guidance.

Efficient potato planting will be helped by new packaging. Learn more here.

Helping you Find Sustainable Solutions

Now that the EU’s ‘Green Deal’ proposal is active, LKC is committed to helping you find sustainable solutions, such as plant biotechnology and biopesticides, to avoid biodiversity loss and assist with the EU’s ‘Farm to Fork’ strategies.

LKC’s service includes:

  • Technical evaluation and regulatory management to develop the optimum cost-effective database for an efficient route to authorisation
  • Experts in physical properties, analytical chemistry, residues, toxicology, ecotoxicology and efficacy
  • Dossier analysis and preparation ready for you to submit, or LKC will carry out the entire process for you to ensure accuracy
  • Risk Assessment reports can be written and sent to the regulators on your behalf
  • Evaluating your IPM products for prospective and definitive Risk Assessments on human and environmental health, reporting on the risks between varying doses
  • Coordinate registration dossiers using IUCLID and CADDY software

LKC can help your organisation get your products approved for many complex agrochemical situations. For instance, Adjuvants; Biological Substances to adhere to the latest European Green Deal demands; Integrated Pest Management; Biostimulants and Fertilisers; Efficacy; and Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) and Import Tolerances (IT). Click here for further information.

To ensure your crop protection active substances and their products achieve approval within the EU, Switzerland and the UK, contact Matthew or one of the LKC team today to discuss how we can help your transition and growth in Europe. Email or telephone +41 (0) 61 906 8500.

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