Human health endocrine disruption of pesticides and biocides

Date: September 27 to September 28, 2023

Location: Virtual

Live online training event delivered by HSE: human health endocrine disruption of pesticides and biocides

This event will focus on the toxicological ED assessment of pesticide and biocide active substances and biocide products and will present the current evaluation approach used by HSE.

The training will be delivered by HSE regulatory specialists and will include sessions on the guidance currently available. The focus will be on helping attendees understand how to improve the quality of their applications by demonstrating how these dossiers are assessed by HSE as the regulator responsible for approvals and authorisations under the BP and PPP regimes.

Who should attend?

Those who already carry out toxicological endocrine disruptor assessments of pesticide and biocide substances and biocide products or have an interest in the evaluation approach used by HSE.

Topics covered:

  • ED criteria for pesticide and biocide active substances and associated European Chemicals Agency/European Food Safety Authority guidance
  • Overview of toxicology ED assessment scheme for biocide/pesticide active substances
    • General approach and information sources for adversity and activity
    • Specificity of adverse effects
    • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Conceptual Framework for testing and assessment of EDs
  • Templates, spreadsheets, and assessment guiding principles
  • Assessment of T (thyroid) modality, including data gaps, MoA (mode of action) analysis and DNT (developmental neurotoxicity) considerations
  • Case studies to illustrate T modality assessment with potential different outcomes
  • Assessment of EAS (estrogen-androgen-steroidogenesis) modalities, including deficient datasets, data gaps and MoA analysis
  • Case studies to illustrate EAS modalities’ assessment with potential different outcomes
  • Endocrine disruption assessment of co-formulants in biocidal products

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