CRD – Live Online-Ecotoxicology Endocrine Disruption Seminar

Date: February 02 to February 03, 2023

Location: Virtual

CRD – Live Online-Ecotoxicology Endocrine Disruption Seminar


The seminar will focus on the environmental (ecotoxicological) endocrine disruption assessment and will present the current evaluation approach used by CRD (HSE) for pesticide and biocide applications.

The course will cover:

  • Introduction to Endocrine disruption (ecotoxicology) assessment scheme for biocide/pesticide active substances

–          General overview of approach and studies

  • Use of toxicology data in ecotoxicology endocrine disruption assessment

–          Implications of positive ED conclusions from the human health assessment on ecotoxicology assessment

  • Deficient endocrine disruption ecotoxicology datasets

–          Examples of when further testing is required

  • Aquatic organism endocrine disruption assessment

–          Consideration of EATS (Estrogen, Androgen, Thyroid, Steriodogenesis) modalities, approach, studies and mode of action analysis

  • Endocrine disruption assessment of biocide co-formulants

–          Consideration of formulations containing biocides that may be endocrine disruptors

Who should attend?

Those who already carry out ecotoxicological endocrine disruptor assessments of pesticide/biocide substances or have an interest in the evaluation approach used by HSE (CRD).


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