25th International Akademie Fresenius AGRO Conference: Behaviour of Pesticides in Air, Soil and Water

Date: June 27 to June 28, 2023

Location: Düsseldorf Germany and virtual

About the 25th AGRO Conference:

Plant protection products (PPP) are strictly regulated within the European Union. The risk management and environmental assessment of PPPs, essential to produce compliant products, poses challenges across the entire plant protection industry.

The conference brings together representatives from regulatory and industry backgrounds, as well as political decision-makers to discuss the latest regulatory developments. It keeps track of scientific progress, advances in environmental fate and exposure as well as recent developments in risk assessment and risk mitigation.


Regulatory issues

  • Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 update and ongoing activities
  • A feedback from France on risk assessment in the Southern zone
  • Harmonisation in the Central zone and interzonal developments
  • News from the Northern zone view, recent results from the Danish monitoring programme PLAP
  • Update on new hazard classes: PMT/vPvM substances

Environmental fate

  • Long-range atmospheric transport of pesticides over Europe – a snapshot
  • Persistence and mobility (defined as organic-carbon partitioning) do not correlate to the detection of substances found in surface and groundwater: Criticism of the regulatory concept of persistent and mobile substances
  • Use of EFSA’s aged sorption guidance, experience from applicants
  • Field leaching study-inverse estimation of degradation and sorption parameters for a mobile soil metabolite and its pesticide parent

Exposure, risk assessment and risk mitigation

  • Update on latest developments from Brazil on surface water assessment
  • Higher-tier leaching assessment of groundwater in Europe (EFSA and SETAC SDLM)
  • Management of runoff
  • Stewardship tools in the market and in development, including industry examples

Who should attend this conference?

Professionals working in the fields of:

  • Environmental behaviour
  • Field inspection
  • Research & development
  • Legal & regulatory affairs
  • Registration
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Exposure & risk assessment
  • Monitoring & computer modelling

Sectors taking part:

  • Agrochemical industry
  • Research institutes from the area of agriculture, soil, hydrology and air
  • Authorities (agricultural inspection offices, registration and control authorities)
  • Water supply enterprises
  • Professional associations

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